Gold nanoparticles

Gold nanoparticles (diameter=70 nm, OD=20, concentration=1mg/ml) are colloidal gold functionalized with various functional groups using our leading surface chemistry technology. All functionalized gold nanoparticles are modified through covalent bond for high stability. The polysaccharide and synthetic polymer based nanoparticles have higher stability,hydrophilicity and biocompatibility than monolayer based ones. All gold nanoparticles (except maleimide functionalized) are dissolved in ultra pure water. All listed prices are in USD.

Bare gold nanoparticles, non-functionalized.

DescriptionCatalog No. Diameter PriceQty
Bare gold nanoparticle 6000070-1ml70 nm$65
6000070-5ml70 nm$292

Carboxylate functionalized gold nanoparticles carry negative charge in buffer with pH greater than 4.They can covalently bind to the primary amine groups after EDC/NHS activation.

DescriptionCatalog No. Diameter PriceQty
Carboxylated monolayer gold nanoparticle 6111170-1ml70 nm$109
6111170-5ml70 nm$403
Carboxylated polysaccharide gold nanoparticle 6511170-1ml70 nm$149
6511170-5ml70 nm$551
Carboxylated synthetic polymer I gold nanoparticle 6311170-1ml70 nm$248
6311170-5ml70 nm$918

Amine functionalized gold nanoparticles carry positive charge in buffer with pH less than 10.

DescriptionCatalog No. Diameter PriceQty
Polyamine functionalized gold nanoparticle 6344170-1ml70 nm$149
6344170-5ml70 nm$551
Amine functionalized polysaccharide gold nanoparticle 6514170-1ml70 nm$187
6514170-5ml70 nm$692

Maleimide functionalized gold nanoparticles permanently bind to covalently bind to thiol groups (-SH). This reaction is very specific and fast.

DescriptionCatalog No. Diameter PriceQty
Maleimide functionalized monolayer gold nanoparticle 6116470-1ml70 nm$178
6116470-5ml70 nm$659
Maleimide functionalized polysaccharide gold nanoparticle 6516470-1ml70 nm$198
6516470-5ml70 nm$733

Disulfide functionalized gold nanoparticles permanently bind to covalently bind to thiol groups (-SH) through thio-disulfide exchange. After binding, the new formed disulfide bond can be broken by another thiol compound.

DescriptionCatalog No. Diameter PriceQty
Disulfide functionalized monolayer gold nanoparticle 6112670-1ml70 nm$168
6112670-5ml70 nm$622
Disulfide functionalized polysaccharide gold nanoparticle 6512670-1ml70 nm$188
6512670-5ml70 nm$696

Ni chelated gold nanoparticles bind to his-tagged proteins.

DescriptionCatalog No. Diameter PriceQty
Ni chelated monolayer gold nanoparticle 6113570-1ml70 nm$149
6113570-5ml70 nm$551
Ni chelated polysaccharide gold nanoparticle 6513570-1ml70 nm$248
6513570-5ml70 nm$918

Protein A modified gold nanoparticles bind to immunoglobulins, especially IgG.

DescriptionCatalog No. Diameter PriceQty
Protein A modified monolayer gold nanoparticle 6710170-1ml70 nm$168
6710170-5ml70 nm$622
Protein A modified polysaccharide gold nanoparticle 6770170-1ml70 nm$248
6770170-5ml70 nm$918

Streptavidin immobilized gold nanoparticles bind to biotin-labeled biomolecules.

DescriptionCatalog No. Diameter PriceQty
Streptavidin modified monolayer gold nanoparticle 6710570-1ml70 nm$168
6710570-5ml70 nm$622
Streptavidin modified polysaccharide gold nanoparticle 6770570-1ml70 nm$248
6770570-5ml70 nm$918

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