Gold nanoparticles

Gold nanoparticles have been used in diagnostics, sensors, images, and therapeutics for decades due to their unique optical properties. Sofchip supplies various of gold nanoparticles, with sizes range from 5 nm to 100 nm. These gold nanoparticles have highly spherical shape, narrow size variance and monodispersity. These gold nanoparticles are coated with large varieties of functional groups with our leading technology in surface chemistry. All these coatings have high stability (all covalent bond), high biocompatibility,and desired density and thickness. The super hydrophilic nature of these coating make the gold nanoparticles well dissolved in water and avoid aggregation problem.

Typical properties of gold nanoparticles(OD=20, 1mg/mL)

Diam (nm)Peak SPR (nm)Number of particles/mLMolarity (pM)
5 514-5208.4E+141.40E+06
10 514-5201.1E+141.78E+05
20 514-5201.4E+132.28E+04
30 523 4.0E+126.82E+03
50 531 9.0E+111494
70 542 3.2E+11550
100569 1.1E+11190

Self assembly monolayer, Polysaccharide coating,Synthetic polymer,
short and slim chains long and bulky chainslong and slim chains

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