Microarray slides

Microarray slides are high quality glass chips functionalized with various chemical groups for biomolecular (protein, antibody, enzyme, polypeptide, DNA, etc.) immobilization. Two slide sizes are available: 20x20x0.4mm small size and 750x250x1mm standard size. All biochips are packaged in inert gas. All biochips are manufactured on a per order basis. Each package contains three pieces of chips. All listed prices are for per package and in USD.

Carboxylate functionalized slides carry negative charge in buffer with pH greater than 4. They can covalently bind to biomolecules with primary amine groups after EDC/NHS activiation. This binding is more efficient than aldehide-amine binging. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is monofunctional polymer that is well known for resisting non-specific adsorption. Polysaccharides (dextran and arginic acid) have long and bulky chains. Synthetic polymers (SP) have long and slim chains. SP type I is highly negatively charged polymer due to high density of carboxylate. SP type II is mildly negatively charged polymer. SP type III has long spacer arms that extend the carboxylate groups away from the main chains.

DescriptionCatalog NoSizePackPriceQty
Carboxylated PEG slide, basic2391113-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$72
Carboxylated PEG slide, stabilized2391123-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$120
Carboxylated dextran slide, thin 2511123-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$72
Carboxylated dextran slide, thick 2511133-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$84
Arginic acid slide, thin 2561123-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$72
Carboxylated synthetic polymer I slide, thin 2311123-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$72
Carboxylated synthetic polymer I slide, thick 2311133-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$84
Carboxylated synthetic polymer II slide, thin 2321123-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$72
Carboxylated synthetic polymer II slide, thick 2321133-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$84
Carboxylated synthetic polymer III slide, thin 2331123-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$72
Carboxylated synthetic polymer III slide, thick2331133-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$84

Amine functionalized slides carry positive charge in buffer with pH less than 10. They covalently bind to biomolecules with EDC/NHS activated carboxyl groups.

DescriptionCatalog NoSizePackPriceQty
Aminosilane slide 2114113-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$40
Amine functionalized polymer slide, thin 2344123-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$72
Amine functionalized polymer slide, thick2344133-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$84
Chitosan slide, thin 2544123-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$72

Epoxide functionalized slides covalently bind to thiol, amine and other nucleophilic groups. The reaction usually takes more than 6 hours.

DescriptionCatalog NoSizePackPriceQty
Glycidyl silane slide2111413-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$40
Epoxide functionalized polymer slide, thin 2511423-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$72
Epoxide functionalized polymer slide, thick 2511433-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$84

Maleimide functionalized slides covalently bind to thiol groups (-SH). This reaction is very specific and fast.

DescriptionCatalog NoSizePackPriceQty
Maleimide functionalized polymer slide, thin 2516423-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$120
Maleimide functionalized polymer slide, thick2516433-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$132

Disulfide functionalized SPR chips covalently bind to thiol groups (-SH) through thio-disulfide exchange. After binding, the new formed disulfide bond can be broken by another thiol compound.

DescriptionCatalog NoSizePackPriceQty
Disulfide functionalized polymer slide, thin2512623-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$120
Disulfide functionalized polymer slide, thick2512633-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$132

Ni chelated slides bind to his-tagged proteins.

DescriptionCatalog NoSizePackPriceQty
Ni chelated polymer slide, thin2513523-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$144
Ni chelated polymer slide, thick2513533-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$168

UV-initiator modified slides covalently bind to all types of chemical groups under ultraviolet illumination. The reaction does not rely on any perticular groups. It takes about 15 minutes under 100W UV lamp.

DescriptionCatalog NoSizePackPriceQty
UV initiator I modified slide thin 2517523-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$96
UV initiator I modified slide thick2517533-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$108

Protein A immobilized slides bind to immunoglobulins, especially IgG.

DescriptionCatalog NoSizePackPriceQty
Protein A immobilized slide, thin 2770123-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$144
Protein A immobilized slide, thick2770133-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$168

Streptavidin immobilized slides bind to biotin-labeled biomolecules.

DescriptionCatalog NoSizePackPriceQty
Streptavidin immobilized slide, thin 2770523-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$144
Streptavidin immobilized slide, thick2770533-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$168

Nitrocellulose slides, general binding purpose

DescriptionCatalog NoSizePackPriceQty
Nitrocellulose slide2594733-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$40

Hydrophobic slides bind to hydrophobic domines of proteins through hydrophobic interaction.

DescriptionCatalog NoSizePackPriceQty
Alkyl silane slide2119143-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$40
Hydrophobic polymer slide, thick 2424233-320x20x0.4mm3 pcs$72

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