Chromatography media

Chromatography media are crosslinked agarose and dextran beads functionalized with various functional groups for affinity purification of biomolecules (protein, antibody, enzyme, polypeptide, DNA, etc.). They feature high degree of functionalization. The listed products have average bead size of 90 ┬Ám and crosslinking degree of 4%. Other types of chromatography media are also availble. All listed prices are based on per package and in USD.

Carboxylate functionalized agarose carry negative charge in buffer with pH greater than 4. This medium can reversibly bind to cationic compounds through ion exchange. They can also permanently bind to the primary amine groups of biomolecules after activated to NHS version through an easy procedure. This binding is more efficient than those based on aldehide or cyanogen bromide (CNBr). NHS activated version are also available with similar price, but they are not stable during storage.We suggest that customer do fresh NHS activation right before use.

DescriptionCatalog No.Pack PriceQty
Carboxylate functionalized agarose 5521132-1010 ml$78
5521132-5050 ml$288

Amine functionalized agarose carry positive charge in buffer with pH less than 10. This medium can reversibly bind to anionic compounds through ion exchange. They can also permanently bind to EDC/NHS activated carboxyl groups of biomolecules.

DescriptionCatalog No.Pack PriceQty
Amine functionalized agarose 5524132-1010 ml$89
5524132-5050 ml$329

Epoxide functionalized agarose permanently bind to thiol,amine,or hydroxyl groups. The reaction with hydroxyl groups needs high pH environment and takes more then 12 hours.

DescriptionCatalog No.Pack PriceQty
Epoxide functionalized agarose 5521432-55 g$317
5521432-2525 g$1173

Maleimide functionalized agarose permanently bind to covalently bind to thiol groups (-SH). This reaction is very specific and fast.

DescriptionCatalog No.Pack PriceQty
Maleimide functionalized agarose 5526432-55 g$387
5526432-2525 g$1548

Disulfide functionalized agarose covalently bind to covalently bind to thiol groups (-SH) through thio-disulfide exchange. After binding, the new formed disulfide bond can be broken by another thiol compound.

DescriptionCatalog No.Pack PriceQty
Disulfide functionalized agarose 5522632-55 ml$297
5522632-2525 ml$1188

Ni chelated agarose bind to his-tagged proteins.

DescriptionCatalog No.Pack PriceQty
Ni chelated agarose 5523532-1010 ml$118
5523532-5050 ml$436

Protein A mofidied agarose bind to immunoglobulins, especially IgG.

DescriptionCatalog No.Pack PriceQty
Protein A modified agarose 5780132-5 5 ml $339
5780132-2525 ml$1356

Streptavidin modified agarose bind to biotin-labeled biomolecules.

DescriptionCatalog No.Pack PriceQty
Streptavidin modified agarose 5780532-5 5 ml $339
5780532-2525 ml$1356

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