We provide custom coating services in bioanalytic, biomedical, and biomaterial fields. The coatings attain the desired surface properties: biocompatibility, chemical functionalization, biomolecular (protein, antibody, enzyme, polypeptide, DNA, etc.) immobilization, anti-fouling, anti-agglutination, and lubrication. The substrates include glass, silicon, quarts, mica, noble metals, and plastics. Here are some examples of our services,

Most hydrophilic surfaces are biocompatible and non-fouling. Here are some differences between our novel coating technology and products from other companies (use general plastics as substrate).

Other companies Sofchip
Water contact angle greater than 30o Water contact angle less than 30o
Coating thickness greater than10 micrometer Coating thickness less than 0.01 micrometer
Base coating contains harmful compounds (e.g., polyurethane and organic solvent) Hydrogel coating, no harmful compounds
Cannot withstand harsh environment (e.g., organic and alkaline solvents) Withtand harsh environment
Low portion of covalent bonds holding the coating High portion of covalent bonds holding the coating

Please note that the durability of our coating depends on the application and storage environment. The coating on plastics from Sofchip can retain the hydrophilic property for up to years; while the hydrophilic property made through traditional etching method can last for only one day. Due to the ultra thin nature of the thickness, our coating is susceptible to mechanical scratching.

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